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Mar 23 2007 09:31pm

 - Jedi Council

Wow, you got a Lucas STORY on your profile. Treasure it!!! :D

Dec 22 2006 02:00am

Alex Dkana
 - Staff
 Alex Dkana

Merry Chrimbo Emm :) Have a purrfect day!

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Dec 06 2006 01:09am

Alex Dkana
 - Staff
 Alex Dkana

Kackarot is indeed a good name for a cat...
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield | Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken | Rhaiko D'kana - SWTOR EU Guild Co-Founder | Is it what the teacher, teaches? Or what the student learns? A Dkana

Oct 03 2006 11:14pm

 - Ex-Student


The war between Christians and radical Muslims rages across the stars. Many thought that the First Galactic War would unite humanity. It did, for a time. Although after the war, when mankind began to seed the galaxy with its people, they began to slip back into the old ways of thinking that nearly caused its extinction on earth. The colonies and outposts of humanity took up arms against each other, making alliances then converting the alien races of galaxy to their causes and religions.
The Second Galactic War began, and still rages some 12,000 years after the end of the first war. Some say the first war ended.
To protect their interests in the Milky Way, the Christians, operating from their capital, Mars gathered together its powerful alien allies forming the G.S.S. (Galactic Star Systems.) The Muslims formed their own alliances calling it Dark Star. The galaxy is now divided, each side trying to out do the other, in ships, colonies, converts, and soldiers. The other major religions; Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism etc. Are still around, and strong as ever. The people of these religions however have taken a non interference stance joining neither side. Another nutral party the galactic freedom movement has stepped into the mix, acting as mediater between the two warring factions,
Muslims that have remained loyal the G.S.S. cause have been placed in places of authority. They have been made senators, generals, and they have been incorporated into military units as spies, snipers, squad and platoon leaders, among other things. For now this is a war of words, and ideologies, a cold war. It’s just a matter of who strikes first, turning this cold war hot.

8 September 14080
2020hrs, MST (Martian Standard Time)
An Unknown Senatorial Apartment, Valles Marineris, Martian Capital

A Martian Senator stood by a transparent lunarroidium window positioned the back of her opulent senatorial apartment, located near the center of Mars City. As the sun sank lower behind the cylindrical, triangular, cubical skyscrapers that dominated the planetary skyline, Senator Nigh grew impatient, she knew her insectiod contact was a busy man— a twig thin ant-like alien but what could be keeping him? From behind her in middle of the long, large, rectangular-shaped wooden table a hologram snapped on, coming from the table’s built-in holoimaging device. The hologram’s voice was deep and metallic as it spoke. “Good evening Madam Senator…” the insectiod paused waiting for a reply.
Without turning her eyes away from the window that showed waves of oval-shaped passenger haulers ferrying people around and to an from the capital world of Galactic Star Systems, Senator Nigh spoke, her voice was cold and harsh. “I have a assignment for you and associates…” she turned, causing her red and white robes swirl around her as she burned hole through the transparent hologram with her lovely hazel eyes. “…You are to hunt down and kill all the members of an elite bounty hunting/special ops team that is attending Mars Academy, but are soon to be away for summer vacation.” The Insectiod blinked, “Madam Senator why is it that this elite unit needs to be eliminated.” The senator exploded in a red-hot rage. “Because you half-witted arthropod!” she fumed. “Because why?” asked the Insectiod quizzically. “Because the senator shouted. Anger and frustration caused by this Insectoid’s incessant questioning made it difficult for her to remain of in control of her emotions. “The leader of this elite squad of young devil dogs (marines) is Taav Sharroock, the eldest son of two other Martian senators Carl and Saerah Sharroock. “If Taav and friends found out that I am the leader of a thought-to-be whipped out terrorist network they will not hesitate to ether capture me or kill me. That is why they must be eliminated first.”
The holographic image froze in thought as it looked at the tall beautiful women with dark black hair, which seemed to cascade over her shoulders. After a long while the tiny hologram asked with unblinking black eyes, “Madam Senator… just what is the name of this elite unit?” The senator answered coldly, “Cybernetic Hunters”

Chapter One: Cybernetic Hunters

2328hrs MST (Martian Standard Time)
Mars Academy, Valles Marineris, Martian Capital

Moonlight spilled into the open hanger bay. Taav Sharroock, eight year-old Martian marine stood at parade rest staring out into the star-filled sky. Taav, like the other Martian, Dan’n’noren, and Qu’eris marines that filled the hanger bay, Taav hoped to picked for elite combat training and placed in a marine force recon squad. Eleven weeks of boot camp at Deimos could pay off in flash if he was picked for this difficult training.
I’ve do I have what it takes to become a recon marine? Taav thought to himself. The door at the end of the hanger bay opened a soft whoosh. In stepped a dark silhouette of a being. The silhouette made its way to the center of the hanger bay, pivoted on its heel and stood the young marines.
“Cadetsss my name is Lt. Col. Borvak.” The entire group of marines snapped to attention and saluted respectively.
“You have been chosen become recon marinesss.” The silhouette hissed. The Lt. Col. must be a Dan’n’noren Taav thought. But of which species of Dan’n’noren is he. Lt. Col. Borvak belonged to the more warfare-hardened Komodo Dragon-like Dan’n’norens that lived in the dry desert-like interior of the water world’s big main islands. These Dan’n’norens were bloodthirsty and seemingly as a symptom of this, after a battle they would feast on the dead rotting bodies of their enemies.
Taav felt insignificant next to this towering colossus. Being eight years old he was only five foot two, he had not yet reached his growth spurt.
“On this datapad are the names of the cadets that will join the ranks of the recon marinesss.” the Lt. Col. Hissed. “Taav Sssharroock.” At hearing his name Taav stepped forward, snapped to attention and saluted.
“Taav Sharroock reporting sir” Taav exclaimed loudly.
“Very good Sssharroock Lt. Col. Borvak returned the salute saying, fall in.”
“Aye, sir.”

Taav Sharroock, a sixteen Year-Old Martian, who was the squad leader of the marine force recon squad known as the Cybernetic Hunters awoke in the main barracks of Mars Academy’s restricted lower levels. The Cybernetic Hunters are part of the UMMC. (United Martian Marine Corps), a former subsidiary of the United States Marine Corps, as well as the combined marine forces of other nations that survived the asteroid impact of Earth in 2080. The Cybernetic Hunters where attached to the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, 2nd Recon Battalion, 4th platoon.
Only a select few of student populous and facility knew that these levels existed.
Taav’s bunk welt warm and soothing against his shirtless skin. His green eyes darted around the poorly lit barracks his bare, skin seemed to change color as the number of nanobots on its surface of it increased. They had been ordered by Taav’s cyberneticly enhanced brain to clothe the young recon marine in environmental-color changing lunarroidium armor, and arm him with an M-20A4 assault rifle. This seemingly in-human ability was caused by his nanobots, which absorbed this gear into his bloodstream during boot camp
As Taav jumped down from the top most bunk, he became more alert. Taav’s muscles tensed ready for combat Cold sweat began to pore from the pores his skin— the Cybernetic Hunters called it “fear sweat,” caused by high uneasiness or warning of danger close by. Taav slowly walked out of the low ceilinged barracks. Taav squatted outside the door sweeping his weapon in a high, then medium arc, as he checked for hostels that might be creeping down the corridor toward his position, ether by bipedal locomotion or by clinging to the ceiling. Realizing he might have been spotted by the creature that had made that blood curdling sound that had awoke him but only him, and wandered why that was so. He eased up on his legs to put himself in a half-squat run position, so could sprint sideways toward the cover of a structural support beam and fight were he might be protected if his adversary shot at him. Taav heard footsteps coming up from behind He whirled expecting a bloodthirsty enemy, only to find Rachael Carlson, his former girlfriend and second-in-command standing before him.
“Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you” Rachael apologized. She wore a black leather bra with forest-patterned fatigues and black combat boots.
“Don’t be, the adrenaline keeps a soldier combat ready.” Taav said.
“Do you ever have second thoughts about us?” Rachael asked raising an eyebrow.
“I’d be doing my heart a disservice if I said no.” Taav answered truthfully Rachael came closer.
“My heart has yearned to be with you again Taav knew Rachael was sincere. We could once again be boyfriend and girlfriend, if you so desire.”
“What about my duty to the Corps?” Taav asked dryly.
“The brass does not understand that it was not your doing, as to I getting raped, it was your brother. In seeking to punish someone, they brought the hammer down on you well as Aavor.” Something like a distant memory worked its way into Taav’s mind. The unspeakable act of rape had happened a week prior, but still made Taav angry when he thought about it.
Aavor crept into the girl’s barracks. It was late at night, twenty-two hundred hours. His target: Rachael. Careful not to make any noise he made his way to her rack. To his great surprise she woke up turning her head to look at him.
“Taav?” she asked sleepily.
“No” Aavor quickly and firmly put a hand over her mouth to stifle her cries for help.
“Aw, son-of-a…aw!” Aavor retracted his hand, looking at the palm of his left hand in dismay, at the wound; a gapping hole had been opened up in his hand, where he had placed it, then drew it back the skin still in between Rachael’s teeth. The wound stung something fierce, all the while seeping blood. Feeling humiliated at being shown up by girl, Aavor leapt on top of Rachael. When he landed though he landed on a sharp object that felt like it severed something vital to his sperm production. He looked down to see only to see the handle of the knife sticking out of his crotch area. As well as a lot of blood and seamen poring out the wound. Aavor could feel that the knife had ruptured one of his testicles.
“Yeowich! Anh! My… Ahh!” Rachael ripped the knife out of Aavor’s destroyed sexual organ plugging into his left. By now Rachael’s friends in the girl’s barracks and male squadmates in the men’s barracks had been awakened. Taav was the first the young marines to enter the barracks, anger quickly consumed him. He rushed over, ripping the mortally wounded Aavor of his girlfriend, tossing him as if he where a rag doll.
“Rachael you all right?” Taav exclaimed.
“I am but he isn’t though.” Rachael pointed to were Taav had thrown Aavor. Taav pivoted on his heel to face his brother.
“How does it feel to be castrated finally, after sleeping around with all those girls, Aavor?” How would it feel if I beat you to a plump, right now in front of everyone, Aavor?”
“You…wouldn’t.” Aavor gasped. Taav walked over to be is brother was proceeding to kick him hard in the ribs. “Wouldn’t I? Shall I? Taav asked coldly.
“Trying to make my girlfriend lose her virginity before she’s even married? You poor excuse for a man.” Taav kicked so hard that several of Aavor’s ribs broke.
“Your disgrace to the family name, going behind my back; like that!” Another one of Aavor’s ribs broke, as Taav kicked. “Trying to have sex with myyy girlfriend!” Aavor was spitting blood now.
“ She…cut off…” Aavor whimpered.
“Good, perhaps now you’ll learn not to sleep with other guy’s girlfriends!” Taav was shaking now from all the pint up rage. He kicked Aavor one last time, aiming for groin.
“Ahh, please no more” Aavor screamed I can’t take it!” Taav snorted, “You should have thought of that before Rachael had to defend herself against your intrusion and botched procreation!” Taav thundered.

Two days later Taav and Rachael were summoned to Lt. Col. Borvak’s office, situated in the restricted part of the academy, hidden way from prying eyes.
“Reporting as ordered sir” Taav exclaimed, he and Rachael snapped to attention saluting. Lt. Col. Borvak stood facing a gigantic lunarroidium window, his clawed hands clasped behind his back. Still gazing out the window he hissed.
“At eassse, you two may have a ssseat if you wisssh.”
“Thank you sir” Taav said spying two anti-magnetic field chairs. When the two young officers were seated Lt. Col. Borvak directed his full attention away from the window, out it was a view of Mars City at midday, to more immediate concerns.
“Formal dresss wasss not required” Rachael and Taav had put on their dress blues for this meeting.
“It may not have been sir, on the other hand.” Taav paused looking into his commander officer’s sun yellow eyes. “We thought it prudent to do so, considering the seriousness of this issue.” Lt. Col. Borvak nodded as he sat down in a high backed leather anti-magnetic field chair that’s seat was wider and longer than most to accommodate his massive size, as well as his four foot long tail.
“Indeed, it isss a serious issue, there isss no doubt about that. I’ am curiousss about one thing though.”
“Yes sir?” Taav asked sitting up straighter in his chair.
“Hasss Gunnery Sergeant Aavor alwaysss been thisss way?” Taav nodded.
“If you mean not being able to keep his “thing” in his pants around a pretty girl, or any girl, then yes sir.”
“Thing?” Lt. Col. used claw to pick some out scraps of rotted meat from between his teeth. “What is this “thing” you speak of? Is it perhaps food?” under normal circumstances Taav would have laughed his head off at a comment like that. His reptilian squadmates often used that phrase when saw something they thought was editable. Taav reminded himself that Lt. Col. Borvak was the same species of “Komodo Dragon” as they were.
“It’s his penis, sir” Taav answered.
“Ah yesss, the reproductive organ, that human malesss use for procreation, as well as urination.”
“Yes sir” Taav said glumly.
“Rachael isss your mate, isss ssshe not?”
My mate, no.” Taav shifted uneasily in his seat. “My girlfriend yes.”
“And your aggressssion and sssevere beating of your brother was only becaussse Rachael was threatened by the act of premarital procreation your brother wasss trying to force her to commit?”
“Yes sir.” Lt. Col. Borvak placed his hands on his desk, clutching them together tightly.
Sssitutionsss sssuch asss thisss are commonplace on my homeworld. What usually happensss isss two young malesss, in order to woo a young female, will fight for right to mate with her. The victor would then take that female to be his mate, without having not to worry about any threat of law being used against him or his mate by the loser. Who would be cast out of society, deemed unfit to take a mate himself.”
“Are you saying what I did was right?” Taav asked his eyes widening.
“You besssted your opponent in sssingle combat, using only your witsss and ssstrength to defeat him.” Taav shrugged,” Rachael did most of the work by stabbing Aavor.”
That provesss ssshe would make a worthy mate, would ssshe not?” Taav looked at Rachael.
“Yes sir, a worthy mate.”
“It is mossst unfortunate that my sssuperiorsss feel it necessary to either quarantine her here the academy or relocated Rachael to outpost and or ship in some other part of the galaxy.”
“She can stay here, can’t she sir?”
“That’sss what the quarantine would be for, to keep male contact minimal.”
“Sir, if I may speak freely.” Taav said. Lt. Col. Borvak nodded.
“Rachael is a valued member of my squad. She was instrumental in her role as my second-in-command during the Ket Yorr crisis, in which she took over the command of my squad, when I was wounded. She then called in an air strike on a Dark Star artillery position, which had been shelling my squad.”
“Yesss I’m quite familiar with that black operation your squad wasss asssigned.”

The green light indicating it was time jump flickered on. In front of the Cybernetic Hunters the ramp/door of CH-67 troop transport opened. A blast of bone chilling air, negative one hundred degrees below zero rushed into the transport.
Why can’t we get sent on mission somewhere warm, like Dan’n’nor? Aavor complained.
Our mission is to neutralize an early warning sensor station in the Keeka Jordell mountain range. Taav explained. Besides our lunarroidium armor has the most advanced life support systems the military can buy or create.
Quit worrying and jump already. Taav placed foot on his brother’s back and pushed.
That’s not funny…Aavor tumbled out the transport into the open air. Taav went next, ever the show off he got a running start, executing a front flip out of transport. The ceiling or maximum attitude for this H.A.L.O. (High Attitude Low Open) insertion was the edge of space. Sixty thousand feet. Looking down Taav saw that his brother was in free fall spinning end over end. Taav immediately tucked his arms flush against his sides. His legs held out straight and tightly together. His speed increased. Below him the snow-capped peaks and white powdered slops of the Keeka Jordell mountain range seemed to stretch into the fading twilight in every direction. The sensor station was located six klicks west by northwest of their insertion point. The plan was for Taav’s squad to deploy their anti-magnetic field boards, once they were at level of sixty feet above the rugged terrain. They then would hug the terrain using it as cover, approaching their objective undetected. As Taav near Aavor he spread his arms and legs to decrease his overall velocity.
“Gotcha!” Taav yelled over the wind of the blizzard the weather reports said would be hitting the area hard before they reached the insertion point. He had gripped the leg of Aavor’s snow-white armor, this had stopped his spinning. Rachael floated down, glancing at the pair as she fell. “Need some help sir?” she yelled.
“Grab his left arm, and roll him to my three o’clock.” Taav shouted back. Together they righted Aavor letting go as soon as he was. The digital altimeter displayed on the half tinted visor of Taav’s helmet counted his rate of freefall.

Distance descending per minute: 1000 feet
Speed: Mach .4
Current Attitude: 600 Feet

Taav did the math and numbers were shocking.
Change of plans, ignite boards now! Taav screamed in desperation.
The plan was… Aavor was cut off by Taav.
The plan changed, we must adapt to survive on this mission as we have on countless others, now ignite your board unless you want to become a grease smudge on the side of a mountain. Taav jerked legs forward, bringing his anti-magnetic field board flush with the ground. Taav already knew this would not work; he and his squad would die on this mission, not because of enemy fire, but because of death by freefall. The engines mounted on bottom and back of his anti-magnetic field board suddenly ignited. Taav had forgotten that he and Andréaus had modified each board specifically for this mission. They had increased the energy, so that it was paportional to the power generated by their CX-90’s. Taav knew that the only that their boards would have them is if they where traveling forward at a high rate of speed in a zigzag pattern. That would take several miles and more altitude than they had available. All of a sudden the Cybernetic Hunters terminal velocity slowed dramatically. Taav knew beyond any doubt what had saved them all.
All right Jaguar! Taav yelled in thought

Forty-five minutes later the Cybernetic Hunters were on a low crag, twenty feet above their target, having been deposited by the Jaguar, which flew in cloaked, and its sensors had been monitoring their plight from low orbit, swooping into save day. The Cybernetic Hunters now wearily observed active at the early warning station was built completely into a mountain. The station had strong defensive shields, and anti-spacecraft protection.
A holographic image appeared from the portable holographic imager.
“Ok, listen and listen well.” Taav exclaimed, eyeing each of his squadmates individually “The plan to destroy this early warning station has changed some what, our overall mission objectives remain the same.” A semi-circular building was being displayed. “This is a shield generating complex. They may look small, but are actually two miles across, and four wide. There’re six such generators located around the outside of the facility. The problem is that deep within the facility are four larger shield generators, situated around a central point, which heavily guarded. Those project a shield around the external generators, as well as providing energy for the air defenses of this facility.”
“Oh.” Aavor snarled. That’s just peachy. “We have to brake into “Fort Knox” located on some ice cube, eighty thousand parsecs from home, and help, in blizzard, all the while, evading capture and/or detection by Dark Star.”
“Are always so negative Aav?” Rachael asked adjusting the sling of her over and under double-barreled shotgun.
“Well I tend to take offense when our commanding officer takes on the assignment of a suicide mission, without discussing his choice of assignment with any consent of those under his command.”
“That will be the end of that line of talk from you; do I make myself clear to you?” Rachael asked. “Taav’s “bodyguard” once again protects him from verbal onslaught of those around him.” Rachael’s left hand balled into a fist. “Someone’s a little testy” Aavor jeered at seeing Rachael’s reaction.
“You’ll see how testy I can get when I break your jaw” Rachael growled.
“Oow.” Aavor quivered in mock fear. “Big, bad Captain Carlson is going hurt me, someone help.” In a blur of motion Rachael’s left fist smashed into Aavor’s right check bone. Aavor’s nanobots disassembled his helmet partly, making him able to spit blood and fragmented teeth onto the white powdered snow.
“My jaw, you broke my jaw” Aavor words came out slurred, as more blood filled his mouth and spat it onto the ground. A few feet away Taav laid prawn mumbling something to himself. “Only two sentries at the twelve o’clock shield bunker.” Taav looked closer, the pupil’s of his eyes widening to allow as much light as possible into his eyes, it then bounced off a series of tiny implanted mirrors to sending that light to his retina. The other shield bunkers that he saw were also lightly defended. Getting to his feet Taav explained his orders slowly and firm to his squadmates.
“We’re going to repel down the face of this cliff, the storm that is fast approaching will give us extra cover, in that we’ll have the luxury of hoofing it to the shield bunkers unseen. Our active camo often shimmers if we move to fast; we also have normally to be careful to go over our own footsteps. With this storm coming it will make it easier to move around, without being seen. Do not however throw caution to the wind. Move with care, watch each others backs and we all make it out of this alive.”

The decent toward the shield bunker was slow and tedious. The repel lines were made of thousands strands of tightly machine woven strands of nylon and lunarroidium. Rachael was the first of Taav’s squad to make it all the way to the bottom of the cliff. She unfastened her repel line, it along with the fastening loop, located around in center of the waist part of her armor, and the grappling hook were all reabsorbed into her bloodstream when she touched the cable. All essential gear had been absorbed into the bloodstreams’ of the Cybernetic Hunters, before the mission had begun. The question still remained. Could the Cybernetic Hunters complete this mission, and live to tell the tale?

The corridor in which he stood had a high ceiling; eight feet high made from compacted reddish-orange Martian Soil. The walls to where dirt, that had a special cement coating sprayed on them and ceiling making them ultra-strong and making it very hard to cause a cave in. Taav’s cyberneticly enhanced eyes began to so turn a deeper shade green as his night vision became unnaturally sharper.
By now he was fully encased in strong yet flexible combat armor, just then he heard another glass breaking roar and also the sound of plasma fire as if, the night time sentries patrolling the corridors had finally had heard the noise being created by the intruders and rushed intercept them. Behind him, Taav heard the sound of booted and clawed feet hit the deck at rapid pace as the other students housed in lower levels of the academy now became aware of threat. They were now awake and making double time through the corridors on their way to set up defensive perimeter around the vital areas of the school. “What in world is going on?” asked, as she and the other ten Cybernetic Hunters came up behind Taav. As he looked at variety information files on his H.H.U.D. (Holographic Heads Up Display), which was integrated into his helmet’s visor, Taav aimed his M-20A4 assault rifle down the darkened corridor. At the same time, Taav used his nanothought link; a form of artificial telepathy that allowed beings with cyberneticly enhanced brains to communicate without speaking, to “voice” his Idea.
Nikii, Jacorum, and Jane come with me… as for you… he turned his head the left, his eyes focused on Jane, who brought the rear, make sure we don’t get flanked. Acknowledging their orders the Cybernetic Hunters split into two groups. As Taav and his group slipped around the protection of the girder, weapons at the ready, and the rest covered them, half aiming their weapons to shoot over other Cybernetic Hunters heads, as rest turned around aiming their weapons in the opposite direction. The single shape-shifter turned around to face the other end of the dark corridor, dropping to all fours. Within a few seconds a transformation began to take place. Jane’s cranium slowly and simultaneously lost her mammalian covering of hair and elongated, mouth and nose fused becoming reptilian snout; ash gray scales replaced her cream skin tone.
Purple eyes became sun yellow surrounding black coreas, muscular human-like arms and legs became powerful legs with clawed feet, and lastly a long tail spouted from the coccyx. Within the space of a few minutes a single Komodo dragon had taken the place of the member of the Cybernetic Hunters. Suddenly an explosion sent all of the Cybernetic Hunters the deck. Sounds like someone destroyed the Academy’s shield generator Taav thought.
He glanced around; his enhanced vision and hearing allowing him to check if anyone hurt, then his ears heard the faint sound of motion. Getting up Taav ran toward a magelev. Sudden noises from in front and behind them made all the Cybernetic Hunters froze in place for millisecond before Taav thought: Ok, all of you fan out and take defensive positions, behind the structural support girders. Out of ink black darkness came three ant-like aliens they stood blocking access to the bank of cylindrical magelevs. Across the gap between them, Jane Tyerac, Taav’s girlfriend gripped a frag grenade in her left hand.
Jane, wait. Taav thought looking the beautiful Qu’eris girl as green eyes met purple, which shown more brightly because of there cyberneticly enhanced night vision. She was epiphany of perfection; six feet tall, long purple hair hung down to her shoulders. From her shoulders down her, like all Cybernetic Hunters she was clothed lunarroidium armor. Three insectoids let high pitched chirps.
They must be insectoids Taav thought with awe. How do we kill thessse thingsss hissed Jacorum, a seven foot tall, yellow eyed marine iguana-like Cybernetic Hunter from Dan’n’nor.
I will throw plasma pulse grenades under them, where their exoskeletons are softest Taav grinned at thought of seeing those six-legged freaks of nature being killed. Taav suddenly felt a slight tickling sensation on his right hand as some of microscopic nanobots that had been in his blood stream had now begun to crawl out of pores in the skin of his right hand and construct a sound pulse grenade. Taav gave Jane a nod, indicating he was ready, she returned it. On three… one… two… three…! Two sound pulse grenades rolled along the deck, like light bulb shaped barrels of TNT.
Fire in the hole! Taav cried without speaking, as he swiftly turned around covering his ears and pressing his back tightly against the girder. A second later bluish green blood, abdomens, and entrails flew everywhere. A low cry of pain came from one of creatures that had been wounded by the blast… it wouldn’t last long when the other insects heard it. They gave a squeal of delight as they raced toward their injured comrade, mouth parts clacking hungrily in the air as raced past the Cybernetic Hunters, completely oblivious to their presents. Taav slowly stuck his head around the girder to watch the wounded arachnid’s plight, but was hopeless: most of legs had been broken and were oozing blood.
Taav felt a another sound pulse grenade in his right hand, pressing the red arming button down Taav quickly spun around and chucked the grenade as hard as he could toward the ants who were just about getting to feed. The grenade exploded in mid air only two feet away from unsuspecting predators, the resulting shockwave tore through the remaining insects’ exoskeletons splashing the gray lunarroidium floor with an ocean of blood and interals. Taav stepped out from behind the girder sweeping his weapon in another slow arc, as other Cybernetic Hunters followed him, some walking backward with weapons raised to cover the others sixes. Clear, Taav thought as he ran toward a magnetic elevator.
“T…T…aav” exclaimed a hurt defender of Mars Academy. Taav heard the voice making him stop and glance around for the person who had spoke. He saw him sitting on the floor leaning against far wall, his brown eyes were shut tightly and he winced in pain when he tired to move his right leg. Taav immediately recognized the red haired boy,
“Zack!” he said running to his friend’s side and knelt. Taav had met Zack; when all three of them were eight year-old. Taav smiled remembering that time well when he and his brother had slipped out of their home, an opulent senatorial apartment high in Mars’s lower atmosphere to go into the dark dangerous depths of Mars City.
Zack gritted his teeth to fight back the pain in leg as he spoke, “I was on night watch outside the academy with some other students…. when….when….” “Save your strength, we’ll get ya out here” Taav reassured his friend placing a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Nikii… Jane….” Nikii and Jane, who had changed back into her near human form jogged up behind him.
Nikii, already anticipating what Taav was going to say ran forward with a cloth dressing to bandage Zack’s wound, while the cream skinned six foot tall, purple eyed shape-shifter crouched, looking on, ready to proffer her help. “Can you walk” asked Nikii, looking with a worried exasperation at Zack’s wound; the white cloth dressing was already turning crimson and the wound under it swell and die from arachnoid’s venom, Zack shook his red haired head. “Jane…please shape-shift into something Zack can ride…he’s in no shape into walk.” The shape-shifter nodded, then as her nanobots disassembled her lunarroidium combat armor she again got down on all fours, shape shifting this time into a large black horse. “Jacorum, help me with Zack,” exclaimed Nikii looking at Zack with growing concern.
Before any of them could react, Jane trotted past, stopping only few inches from the injured boy, folding her legs under herself as she crouched. “Ahh!” Zack cried out in pain as he tried to make his legs lift high an enough off the ground, so he could slide on to the “horse’s” back.
Come on… you can do it thought Jane encouragingly as she sat there without moving, excreting plenty of patience (which is very hard for her to do) as Zack tired again. Almost there…almost…you did it! I knew you could! Thought Jane happily, slowly rising to standing position with Zack firmly on her back. Taav, were ready thought Jane as the other Cybernetic Hunters took defensive positions around their friends and waited for the order to move out.
Cybernetic Hunters fall out…double time! Taav thought urgently sprinting toward the center magnetic elevator door, and just has he did the opened reviling a plasma rifle was pointed directly at his heart. The other Cybernetic Hunters tightened the perimeter defense around the wounded young man and his mount, aiming their weapons at the enemies that threatened their leader’s life. “Safety your weapons,” Taav ordered looking complacently at the members of Cybernetic Hunters inside the magelev as they lowered their weapons.
Assaloth, the male reptilian spoke first; his sun yellow eyes drifting from one Cybernetic Hunter to the other. “Where are you guyssss going?” He asked. Jane answered quickly not wanting to waste time, to the infirmary make room for us. “We have room for one more” the seven foot tall ash-gray scaled reptile said motioning with a clawed hand for Jane to come with them. “I know you have trouble with your temper and patience Jane” Zack said weakly. “Thanks for not losing your patience because of me.” What are friends for Jane thought walking into the magelev as quickly as she could. Taav and others wanted until the magelev’s door had closed and they heard it moving to talk. “Aavor, Jacorum, Kam?sh get to the armory as fast as you can” Taav said urgently. “Are you expecting another attack on the academy” Kam?sh hissed flexing his razor-sharp claws and drooling.
“Look at those bodies, don’t they look positively delicious.”
“No way Kama’sh, you just ate an hour ago.” Taav said
“I know thisss, Taav but for me and my brethren the sssight of a fallen adversary is a meal that isss too tempting to passsss up.”
“Kaaama’sh.” Taav exclaimed scolding his friend.
“We must eat sir, could you imagine the tantalizing odor that would be given off by thessse very bodies in a few daysss, if they weren’t disposssed of.”
“What he means is the sickening odor” Nikii whispered to Rachael.
“I could not hear you my friend, could perhaps you speak louder.” Kama’sh turned around; his massive four foot long tail came toward his friends with surprising speed. Nikii ducked out of the way. Rachael leapt over it, Taav tried to, misjudging the distance and in the process was racked.
“Anh, my nuts!” Taav groaned. He fell off Kama’sh’s tail onto the floor moaning in agony. It took Taav a few minutes to recover from his pain, he shot an annoyed glance at Kama’sh. “Just do what I ask Kam?sh and then head to the hanger bay” said Taav a little on edge due to what happened to his squad mate, Zack.

The door to the infirmary flew open as Jane galloped in stopping near one of the six plastifoam medical beds. “Get that animal out here!” cried Doctor Philip Nelson his blue eyes filling with anger. “Doctor, that…” the female human, Alice said trying to calm down the emotional man and explain the situation same time.
“Doctor please don’t be mad that “animal” is Jane, she had to shape-shift so Zack could be brought in here, due to the fact that he had been badly wounded when the insectoids attacked.”
Her brown eyes stared at short, balding middle-aged man as he quickly turned and ran to get something from his office. Not needing a reply from the doctor Jane eased to down to where she was level with the examination table, using his strong arms Zack hauled himself off Jane’s back and on to the examination bed. A second later the sound of voices could be heard coming from the doctor’s office. Alice crept forward carefully stepping over her many other friends that lay on the floor that had a variety of wounds. As she reached the wall she turned around and pressed her back to it and began to slide to the left along the half-tinted part of it that separated the doctor’s office from the rest of the infirmary. She peaked around the door, the words and the things she saw made her long brown hair stand on end. Doctor Nelson sat in a cushioned anti-magnetic field office chair, talking to hologram of a beautiful yet sadistic woman in a red and white robe.
The hologram’s voice was cold as ice as it spoke, “…They are in the infirmary now?” she asked her long black hair that was as space itself was caught in an evil looking style of braids. “Yes, Madam Senator…what would you like me to do?” Whispered Doctor Nelson foolhardily around his darkened office to make sure no one was listening.
“You incompetent Imbecile!” snarled the senator as she broiled with rage.
“What do you want me to do!” the senator echoed hotly. Doctor Nelson shuddered he grasped the implications of the Senator’s scheme. “I can’t possibly take on such an elite group of soldiers… no matter what age they are, I would be struck down the moment I drew a weap…” Before the turncoat doctor could finish his sentence he was painted by a laser targeting system attached to high-powered specially modified M-20A4 assault rifle. The tranquilizer dart zipped through the air, making a low sound that was barely audible as it stuck fast into the doctor’s neck, instantly causing him to black out, his head hit the semi-circular redwood desk with a dull thud. His head also hit the button that activated Holoimager, as the hologram winked off. Security to infirmary Thought Alice as she jerked her weapon out of entryway of doctor’s office.
Spinning on her heel Alice flung her weapon over her shoulder she stopped, feeling the eyes of all the Cybernetic Hunters present in the circular room on her. “We had a traitor in our midst” she said as she gave them all a look at held no emotion in it, before her eyes set on Zack. She opened her mouth and asked, “How you feeling Zack? “Not so hot” he answered from the bed he was on. “What going to…” Zack’s words were cut short by violent convulsions, his skin blanched, and then with one last powerful muscle spasm he lost consciousness. A nurse that had been tending to another young soldier came up the group of Cybernetic Hunters that were in the infirmary. “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to leave” said the thin blue eyed nurse looking at the group with sad eyes. Nikkii looked at kind nurse. She was in her early forties, of modest height, and had long flowing blonde hair. Nikii more than a little worried crossed her arms over her chest and spoke with heated words “The scumbag that ordered this attack will be shown no mercy when we find him or her, thank you for your help ma’am.” With that Nikii spun on her heel and left being flanked by her squadmates. The doors to the infirmary flew open again. In ran an eight month-old Weimaraner by the name of Joe. Joe, Taav’s dog. A big one hundred ten pound male.
“Joe, come here boy” Taav said softly. Joe his short tail stub wagged as he ran to his master. Joe jumped up putting front paws on Taav’s chest, standing on hind legs as Taav rubbed his ears. Joe gave a turn of his head liking the attention.
“Joe I need you to do something for me, buddy” Joe’s big yellow eyes focused on Taav’s face as Taav stroked his silver-gray fur.
“Stay here, guard Zack” Joe got down and trotted over to where Zack lay and sat facing the infirmary entrance.
“Good boy, stay” Taav said rejoining the squad.

“You wanted to see us sir,” Nikii asked as she stared at the tall Komodo dragon-like Lieutenant Colonel clasped his five fingered hands behind his back; as he let out a sad sigh. Lieutenant Colonel Borvak looked out of the open hanger bay into the night sky. “Taav, I’ve got some bad news” said Lt. Col. Borvak as he turned to face the young recon marine with yellow eyes that showed a deep understanding for the actions Taav and other members of the Cybernetic Hunters might take after they heard what he had to say. “What is it?”
“What happened?” Taav asked as the other Cybernetic Hunters ran into the open hanger that was exposed to the planetary environmental elements. The hanger was deadly quiet for long time as if a vacuum had been made inside it, acting as a sound damping field. “Zack’s may not survive!” wailed Jane as she ran toward Taav tears steaming from her purple eyes. The force of collision between their bodies sent a shockwave through Taav, but wasn’t half as bad as the emotional shockwave that slammed full force into his hippocampus. He hugged her tenderly, as he struggled to control his emotions.
“Jane, listen to me… Zack’s sacrifice will not be forgotten no matter what.” Jane raised her head off his left shoulder; Jane stood on her tiptoes being that she was two inches shorter than her boyfriend. Then something happened he didn’t expect; she kissed him. “I hate to disturb you lovebirds, but we got a mission to start” Nikkii exclaimed looking at them as if he was annoyed by their show of compassion for each other. Taav sighed; it was time to begin the Cybernetic Hunters next mission. Nikii tossed Taav a small information disk. Taav caught one-handed, the disk contained a list of gear of that had been already stowed aboard three ships and the information on the bounty they were to track down. “Let’s move!” Jane yelled as she broke her embrace with Taav, she felt much better now. Nikkii was sprinting toward Taav’s oval-shaped, thickly armored and well-armed asteroid runner: Jaguar, followed by Taav, Jane, and Aavor’s former girlfriend Rachael.
The rest of the Cybernetic Hunters rushed to the Jaguar as well. The interior of the “Jag,” as it was called was a wonder to behold. Built using the “Star Wars” design meaning that there was only one deck.
Within moments the hangar was filled with the sound of hissing like that of snakes as the Jaguar levitated off the hanger deck. They then taxied in midair to the middle of hanger then one by one throttled up to max speed and with the scream of hydrogen fueled engines the small squadron soared into coolness of the Martian night. From the pilot’s seat, Taav looked out across the Martian capital, but his thoughts where far away.
“Taav, you alright” asked Jane placing a hand Taav’s right shoulder trying comfort and sooth his body and mind.
“Taav my love, you may speak to me if wish” I am here for support.”
Taav shook his head to clear it.
“I was thinking about Zack, Jane” Then he glanced at his girlfriend.
“Zack’s injury was not of your making” Taav swiveled in his chair looking into her eyes.
“Then way do I feel some what responsible for it” asked almost crying.
“You must be strong Taav, for the squad and for Zack” We all have a duty, and in doing that duty we must deal with trials that test us physically and mentally but, it’s how we cope that counts.” Taav said nothing to Jane, further about Zack as he turned back toward the Jaguar’s controls. “Zack, set course for…” he paused.
“The Azen system” said his girlfriend tensely as she looked out of the main viewpoint and saw they had reached space. The space around the capital world was filled with giant Octagon-shaped U.S. sized solar reflective mirrors that reflects light on the Martian surface, therefore keeping the surface temputure warm. These mirrors however where, built as a backup the gigantic C20 “factories” on the red planet’s surface. Smaller diamond-shaped orbital factories and dome-shaped orbital greenhouses lay closer the planet in geosynchronous orbit.
“Affirmative” answered the Jaguar’s A.I., the deep voice of the Sharroock brothers now seriously wounded friend. Let’s get some music Taav thought selecting a rock song from his vast collection of classic rock albums. The albums Taav had downloaded from the Universal Database of Music, which was a site the Galactic Net, a version of the internet that has information on anything and everything (that is not deemed classified by the G.S.S. militaries) in the entire settled Milky Way galaxy.
The song that had been selected was “The Final Countdown” a 1980’s Earth band by the name of Europe. As song played the Jaguar disappeared into a tunnel of blinding light, a wormhole.

story written by: Taav Sharroock
:New Republic/Rebel Alliance

P.S. My E-Mail:, see edited version of this story on the showcase forum.
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what a coincidence!
lol just joking...
great story :)
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Congratulations! :D
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Dante Eagle
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 Dante Eagle

Congratz :D
Keep up the good work :D
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Great work!


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Congratulations! :D
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congratz nice story ;)
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Jaiko D'Kana
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 Jaiko D'Kana

/me will get in touch shortly with prize information

oooooooo excited?

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Mic Den Octela
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I needn't say much really. You know how much I like your work already. This is just another awesome piece! You just get better and better these days and I look forward to the next thing you do. I feel privileged that I'll get to see everything else you do before anybody else does, if anyone else does at all!

Thanks for being utterly awesome again! :) Congratulations for winning!

Wub wub <3 <3

EDIT: On prize details I'll get in touch with Jaiko and we'll organize something! :)
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Hey Emm,

congratulations on winning the contest. Hope there is some nifty price involved.

I voted for you, I might add :)
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Alex Dkana
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 Alex Dkana

Hey Emm, much congrats on your story, i found it a very enjoyable read, you have a superb style of writing and should follow up on it if you can :)
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gratz, beat me easy :)
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gratz :)
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*waves* gratz ^^ :D

Sep 18 2006 12:28pm

Dash Starlight
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 Dash Starlight

Congrats, nice job!
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Sep 18 2006 11:59am

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Congrats, loved your story!!:D

Sep 18 2006 11:37am

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Congratulations! Damn that minefield... :P

You had a brilliant story. ^^
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Sep 18 2006 10:06am

 - Nugget

Congratulations, well done!

Sep 18 2006 01:43am

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Congrats You earned it, you put your heart in that story.:)
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Sep 17 2006 08:28pm

Alex Dkana
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 Alex Dkana

hehe sorry about that. :)

Just been up to Kingston London to drop my girlfriend off at her new Uni, twas pretty cool, but miss her already..

Yeah college can be stressful, especially your first year, when you are still getting used to it and all.

Anyway goodluck, hope it all goes well!
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