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The Academy

To keep things running smooth we've written a set of basic rules for all members to follow. These rules are divided into logical groups: general rules, server specific rules, map specific rules and irc specific rules. The general rules apply to all areas of the Academy, where as the specific rules are only for their given area. If you are caught violating these, it will result in an official JA warning. You only get one warning. If you violate the rules again you will be banned from the Academy.

If a rule violation occurs take a screenshot or make a demo and report it to the nearest Knight or Trainer. In the case of emergency report it to a Council member.

These rules may be subject to change without notice and are not all inclusive. If a staff member (a Knight, Trainer, or Council member) requests something extra from you please follow it. These rules all boil down to respect. If you don't have respect for your fellow players, you have no place in the Academy! So without further ado...

General Rules
Discussing warez, or distributing it, is strictly forbidden.

Watch your mouths. Swearing is not permitted in the Academy. Racist/sexist/homophobic talk is extremely forbidden. This extends to the image you use on your profile and the name you use on the servers.

Please stick to the English language. A small chat in other languages is ok, but remember that English is the main language of the Academy.

The Jedi Academy is clan neutral ground. We are a place to hang out; clan activities (recruiting, clan wars, etc.) are not to be held or discussed within the Academy.

No amount of personal attacks or character assasination (also known as flaming) is tolerated. If you can't be polite then be quiet.

Server Specific Rules
All general Academy rules apply when on our servers.

You may use a nickname other than your Academy name when on our servers, you may NOT, however impersonate the name of another JA member. If a staff member asks what your Academy name is you will have to tell them. Failure to do so will result in a kick or ban. This is to ensure that we don't get intruders on the servers.

Our servers are for the private use of our Academy members and no one else. Giving out the server passwords is not allowed. If someone asks you for the passwords, you are to direct them to the server page (member or non member). If you are found to have given out the password to someone you will be BANNED from the Academy regardless of warnings.

The classes servers may be used anytime without special permission, but there are some exceptions. If staff member asks you to leave, immediately do so without arguing. Also, during the action of a class, don't join the server if you do not want to participate in the class. Should a ranked member be present on the server, ask for her/his permission.

There is absolutely NO fighting or agressive action unless agreed upon. If someone is attacking you against the rules, don't fight back. That simply lowers yourself to their level and further irritates the situation. Tempers rise, names are called, and bans are handed out when this happens, so take the high road. If someone is bothering you tell a staffmember. If it continues, report it to a staffmember, switch to spectator or take a break to calm down.

Along the same lines, it is not allowed to attack someone while they are typing (unless the typing icon appears while you are in the middle of an attack).

If it's not naturally bound to a key in the game, don't do it. A custom keyboard config is fine if it makes you comfortable, but no binding combo moves (DFA, lunge, etc). This gives an unfair advantage and is considered cheating. In addition the use of a killtracker is not allowed on the servers.

Please keep guns in the gun area (the courtyard in JK2 and the battleground area in JK3). The same thing goes for setting det packs/trip mines traps outside that area. If we catch you doing this you'll be subject to disciplinary action. The only exceptions to this rule is if the presence of guns or traps outside of the gun area is OK with everyone on the server and a staff member is present (to keep things from getting out of hand). If someone has a problem with it, even only one person, then don't do it. Remember that tripmines stay in place after you disconnect. Please destroy them before leaving the server.

Any extraordinary activity (such as FFA, roleplaying, king of the hill, etc.) involving guns or other agressive actions outside the gun area or any other rule violation must be ok with everyone on the server and a staff member must present (to keep things from getting out of hand). To avoid confusion to people joining the server during such a session please stay clear of the spawnpoint or tell them directly when they connect.

When using the NPC room (Ask a staff member if you are unsure of what the NPC room is.) only spawn as many NPC's as you can handle and no more that 5 at a time. Use your heads here. Note that the NPC room is there for training purposes only and should only be used for that. Abusive action of the NPC room will not be tolerated. Please do not continuously ask the Trainers to spawn things. Once is enough. :)

Please do not stand in doorways as this affects the fps in the connecting rooms. Make a choice... in or out.

Map-specific Rules
Vladarions memorial: The memorial is a sacred area for the Academy. Saber duels are not tolerated in this area. You may not stand or sit on the memorial at all, nor are you allowed to saber or shoot at it. Remember, this is a memorial of one of our finest students who tragically passed away, so please treat it as such.

Mune's Bar: Mune's bar is a place to chill and talk. Saber duels are allowed, but only if it's part of any extraordiary activity (also see server rule 7). And do NOT abuse the privacy booths.

IRC specific rules
All general Academy rules apply to IRC.

No advertising.

Keep the scripts to a minimum. This means no automatically talking scripts, no scripts that interfere with with JABot's commands and no excessive use of any scripts.

Flooding/spamming or repeating is not allowed. Doing this will result in a warning and then a kick. Auto-rejoin-on-kick is frowned upon and shall be rewarded with a 10 min tempban.

The use of public bot commands are a priviledge and can be taken away. Do not abuse these commands (i.e. spam them or use them to lag down the bot or other members).

Discussing warez or pasting offensive links (pornography, warez, or just plain gross ones) is forbidden.

The only bots allowed in #jedi-academy are Aron's. (namely JABot and Brabble)

We did not want to resort to having to list these rules, since they should be common sense. However, events have led us to make this list. We don't ever want to ban anyone, but you have to participate by our rules if you want to participate at all. That's the way it goes folks.

-The Jedi Academy Staff