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Thanks mate.:D
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Ox, Rabbit, Chidori!!!!!

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Ox, Monkey, Rabbit, Rat, Boar, Bird, Ox, Horse, Bird, Tiger, Dog, Tiger, Snake, Ox, Sheep, Snake, Pig, Sheep, Ox, Monkey, Bird, Dragon, Ox, Horse, Sheep, Tiger, Snake, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Bird, Rat, Boar, Monkey, Dragon, Bird, Ox, Horse, Sheep, Tiger, Snake, Rat, Monkey, Rabbit, Boar, Dragon, Ox, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Bird, Rat, Boar, Bird, Water Dragon no jutsu!

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oh noes teh hokage :eek:

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I fite for teh usars!1

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sexy jutsu!

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Chapter One: Student Soldier

Rachael Carlson walked down the long rock walled hallway that led to girl’s locker room. She was not only a Cybernetic Hunter, a lethal squad of recon marines; she was also Mars Academy’s mascot, a Kodiak bear. She loved being the mascot. The anonymity of dressing up as an animal. The thrill of energizing a crowd of spectators. Most of all she enjoyed the kids that ran to her with open arms screaming her mascot name.
“Miss Kodiak!” they would scream. As they ran. Rachael would bend down and scoop up the little kids into her arms. The only thing she hated about being “Miss Kodiak” was that it was hot and sticky inside the costume. The number of skits she had to do was also physically exhausting. As she turned the corner and walked into the girl’s locker room she was amazed at what she saw.
“Taav what are doing here?” This is girl’s locker room.” Taav blushed.
“Sorry Miss Kodiak…honey.” Rachael’s green eyes went wide.
“How do you know I’m the mascot?” Rachael asked surprised.
“Jane blabbed about it to me in the Jaguar on our way back home from Azen II.” Taav’s left hand clenched into a fist. Before she ran off with Aavor.”
“She told you I was the mascot?” Rachael asked getting back on topic.
“She did.”
“Great.” Rachael said sarcastically. “Just great.”
“Don’t worry about me leaking your secret to anyone, Rach. “ “You’ve known me along time, in all that time, have I once broken your trust by telling someone an intimate secret you did not want told?” Rachael shook her brown-haired head.
“Never Taav, never” Rachael confirmed.
“I swear an oath of silence on this matter, on my honor as a recon marine that your secret will not leave my lips even under pain of death.” Just then the anti-grav chair Taav had been sitting in topples over backward. All two-hundred and twenty pounds of sixteen year-old Martian Taav Sharroock crashed to the ground.
“Are you all right Taav?” Rachael asked running to Taav’s side and knelt.
“I’m all right Rach” Taav said getting off the floor. “If I missed my guess” Taav said glancing at his holowatch. “It’s sixteen hundred hours.” Rachael spun around all most falling as she raced toward the locker that contained the mascot suit. Her fingers fumbled as she struggled to work the digitized combination lock. Taav as quick as if he were in a combat situation stepped passed Rachael.
“Combination!” he ordered.
“30-0-30” Rachael gasped. The red light on the locker’s combination must’ve have been keyed right because the lunarroidium door open granting access. Taav opened the locker. Inside was the body suit; it was covered in artificial brown fur. It hung on a hanger right below the fierce looking mascot head. The person wearing the mascot head saw through the open fang-filled mouth, without hesitation Taav grabbed the grabbed the body suit handing it to Rachael.
“Suit up!” Taav ordered.
“Is this direct order coming from my husband, my former commanding officer, or a friend?” Rachael asked raising an eyebrow.
“All three, double time!”
Rachael brought the mascot costume down to her knees putting each leg into the costume in turn. Rachael put arms into the sleeves of the costume; an artificial-furred muscle suit was what she actually putting her arms and legs into. Shrugging Rachael getting the back of the costume over her shoulders.
“Quick zip me up!” Rachael whispered eyeing the entrance with keen eyes and sharper hearing. Taav got the mascot head from the locker.

“Do you want to wear or carry the mascot head?” Taav asked.
I’ll carry it sir” Rachael said taking the mascot head from Taav, and tucked it under her left arm.
As they started toward the, then walked out of entrance of girl’s locker room, Taav gave Rachael orders on what not to do.
“Do not use rank, do not call me sir, and do not salute me.”
“Aye, Taav”
“Most importantly, do not speak to me or anyone, if you need to; use your nanothought-link.” Rachael rolled her eyes.
“Mascots can not speak anyway.” Rachael answered.
“You could’ve fooled me,” Taav laughed.
“What do you mean, Taav?” Rachael asked puzzled.
“I thought I heard your voice coming from inside the mascot costume when I passed by girl’s locker room one day.” Taav said. Rachael blushed at the remark.
“I was speaking to Jane” Rachael countered.

The crowd roared. One-hundred thousand spectators filled Mars Academy’s home football stadium. Loud rock music blared from speakers connected to the gigantic jumbotrons that were located at each endzone.
A Little girl ran toward Rachael screaming as she ran.
“Miss Kodiak!” Miss Kodiak!” Rachael turned and squatting spreading her arms wide, she was ready and willing to accept the little blond-haired girl into them. A large black foot of the other team’s mascot, a costumed Black Panther all of a sudden shot out, tripping the little girl. At seeing the girl fell hard against the concrete of the sideline Rachael started forward.
The opposing team’s mascot saw her coming though and moved to block her path.
This guy doesn’t know whom he’s dealing with Rachael thought herself. He doesn’t know that a Cybernetic Hunter is wearing this costume. Rachael hit the “panther” with a mean left hook as soon as she was within range that effective hand to hand combat could take place. The “panther” fell back against the sideline knocked out. Rachael ran to the little girl. Not stopping as she squatted then gingerly picked her up and ran toward the locker room.

The little girl awoke; she lay on a table in the girl’s locker room.
“Don’t worry your safe now.” Rachael said sweetly. The little girl looked around.
“Where is Miss Kodiak?” asked the little girl.
“She busy at the moment looking after someone” Rachael smiled. I promise you that when she’s done, she’ll right in see you.”
Rachael comment seemed to satisfy the little girl.
“What’s your name sweetheart?” Rachael asked.
“Annie, what’s yours?”
“Rachael, or as my friends call me Rach”
Rachael placed a finger on Annie’s face just below the eye and slowly pulled down.
“What are you doing, Rach?” Annie asked curiously
“Checking your pupil dilatation.”
“What day is it?”
“Sssat-ur-day?” Annie exclaimed sounding out the word. Rachael gripped Annie’s arms feeling with care along them.
“No broken bones” Rachael said with relief.
“Can Miss Kodiak see me now?”
“I’ll go and inform her that a good little girl named Annie wants to see her.” Rachael exclaimed walking out of the locker room. Within seconds of Rachael leaving wearing a gray t-shirt, black sweats, and white tennis shoes. Rachael appeared again in this time back in wearing the mascot costume.
“Miss Kodiak!” Annie cried. Annie got down from the table running toward Rachael. When Annie was close enough Rachael picked her up, and twirling her around.
Aw man, dying in this thing.
“Miss Kodiak?”
Rachael sat Annie down then, placed her hands on the sides of the mascot head taking it off.
“That’s better.” Rachael smoothed back her hair with her left hand that was encased in a fake paw. Annie started to cry.
“Annie, it’s all about growing up.” Rachael explained.
“You killed Miss Kodiak!” Annie wailed
“Nooo, this costume is for football.”
“You lied to me.” Annie sobbed. When Annie looked up at her, Rachael used a paw to dry Annie’s tears.
“I’m sorry Annie” Rachael apologized. I had no choice.”
“What do you mean Rachael?”
“Since I’m the mascot, I’m not supposed to do anything that could jeopardize my identity.” Rachael sighed. “That includes making up stuff in order to accomplish that.” Annie hugged Rachael. Rachael crouched and placed her arms around Annie, hugging her back. “What about that other mascot, Rachael, it will try to hurt me again. Rachael placed a hand on the back of Annie’s head pressing it gently against her chest.
“Not with my friends and I looking out for you, the other mascot won’t hurt you, little one” Rachael said through clenched teeth.
“That other mascot will hit you though.”
“He will try, but he will get more than he bargained for.”
“You took off the head with me still here.” Annie answered changing the subject.
“I know a major violation for a mascot.” Rachael confirmed.
“What are you going to do Rach?”
“There’s only one thing I can do, have you become a person that helps me when I need it when I’m dressed up as the mascot.”
“You can do that, Rachael?”
“I will have to speak with the cheerleading captain and head yell boy, but yes I can do that.”
“Come along, Annie” Rachael was saying as she put on the mascot head again. Annie obeyed following close behind Rachael.
Rachael suddenly stopped and stooped.
Climb on my back. Annie was overjoyed and needed no help whatsoever in climbing onto Rachael’s back. Annie wrapped her arms around Rachael’s neck, while Rachael’s arms were wrapped around Annie’s legs.
“I’m having so much fun!” Annie cried.
I thought you might. Rachael laughed starting to a run.
“Thank you for doing this, Rachael”
Will, it’s a long walk from the girl’s locker room to the football field.
“Does this mean I’ll get a piggyback ride before every game?”
“Don’t worry Rach, I will not tell your secret to anyone.”
There are a few of my friends that know that already know my identity.
“Who Rachael?”
The starting quarterback, my husband Taav Sharroock. Cheerleading Captain Sammy Tyerac, she’s a Qu’eris shape-shifter, and not to mention all the rest of the cheer squad and yell boys.
“Do you think Jane would shape-shift for me?”
What do you want her to shape-shift into?
“A pony”
I’ll see what I can do.

Rachael walked toward Sammy; a yell boy was throwing her into air. Her uniform was dark brown cheerleading outfit with the word KODIAK embroidered in gold across the chest. Just a few inches below the name and more dark brown was an upside down gold triangle it was small in width, but long in length. The triangle was outlined in a thin brown line down the bottom part of the uniform was gold with a skirt that was cut into the little rectangular strips of dark brown and gold.
Jane Rachael thought. The yell boy, Nick Mike Kiel, a tall buff, dark skinned yell boy caught Sammy, placing back on the ground.
“Go Mars Academy!” Jane yelled.
Yes, Rachael, what is it? Sammy thought.
I need to speak with you. Sammy walked over to where Rachael stood.
I slipped up in the girl’s locker room.
What do you mean slipped up?
I took off the mascot head, while this little girl was the locker room. Jane glanced at Annie. The only way I could think of then to keep my secret hidden is ask you and Mike to make her a person that helps me when I’m in uniform.
“It’s fine by me, but you’ll still have from Mike, first. Mike was the head yell boy that helped Jane now stood by Taav “talking.”

I can’t believe our squad’s mission was a success. Mike thought his arms folded across his chest.
Yes Taav thought. Rachael walked over to where Taav and Mike stood.
Rachael Taav thought acknowledging her.

I need to speak with Mike for a second. Rachael hurriedly explained the situation to Mike, he didn’t take to well.
You did what! Mike thought angrily.
You’re off the cheer squad as soon as the game ends.
No, she not Taav thought.
I’m the head yell boy Mike protested.
Rachael is a superior officer, so back off! Taav thought.
Are you pulling rank on me? Mike thought
Yes, I am sergeant! Mike made no more complaints Rachael felt Annie slipping as she walked way from Taav and Mike. She quickly squatted.
Can you get yourself on my shoulders? As hard she tried Annie could not do what Rachael requested.
Put your hands on my shoulders and pull up spreading your legs as you do so. Annie did as she was commanded, soon finding herself on Rachael’s artificial furred shoulders.

“And now, Your Mars Academy Kodiak Bears!” shouted the announcer. The crowd cheered. The Mars Academy players took the field en masse lead by Taav. The swarm players gathered at the bottom of the ramp. The thong was in circle several bodies deep.
“Mars Academy!” Taav screamed jumping lightly up and down.
“Mars Academy!” the players echoed.
“Grizzles!” Helmeted heads butted together. Taav held up his hands for quiet.
“My friends, my comrades, my brothers-in-arms. Tonight we face an adversary who is ruthless and merciless. They have blown out all the teams they have faced, both at home and aboard by seventy points or more.” Taav looked around at the gathered players. “Will we allow that humiliation to happen to us tonight?”
“No!” the other players shouted.
“The Panthers shall regret the day they set foot inside “The Den”; this is our turf. “Will we be beaten on it tonight, or any other night?”
Taav bowed his head. “Lord in heaven, give us the skill and tenacity to win this game tonight. We pray for divine safety and guidance during this season and in our lives, Amen.”
“Amen.” the players whispered in unison. Taav raised his head looking into his friends’ eyes.
“Let’s go show the Panthers who they’ll be playing tonight.” The players put their put hands into the circle one on top the other.
Simper fi, marines Taav thought.
“On three guys…1…2…3, Grizzlies!”

Thirty year-old Nikk Neilson, the former quarterback of Mars Academy Grizzlies sat in the middle of two other announcers Tom Benson, Jack Keyly. As a holographic camera focused in on him, he was calm, nodding toward the camera.
“We’re on the campus of Mars Academy for tonight’s match up. The Kodiak Bears of Mars Academy face the Panthers of Earth.”
“Both teams are battle-hardened veterans, neither will yield easily to each others onslaught.” Jack Keyly exclaimed. He was in his mid forties tall, lanky and like Neilson wore a grey pinned stripped suit.
“Your one-hundred percent correct Mr. Keyly” Tom Benson said looking into the camera. Unlike his fellow announcers, Tom Benson was short, by Martian standards. Standing only at a height of 5’6. He was Caucasian, with blue eyes, and dark black hair.
“Both teams are highly experienced this should be a low scoring game.”
“We take you now down to the sidelines, where Nancy Goodman is standing by with the Grizzlies starting quarterback Taav Sharroock.” Nancy was of Jane’s height and build with black hair.
“Taav, in your our option do the Grizzlies have what it takes to beat the panthers?”
“To be completely honest ma’am,” Taav said bending down to speak into the microphone. The only thing that can win this game for us is God.” Nancy turned back toward the camera.
“There you have it, folks—” A sudden commotion caught Nancy’s attention.
“Miss Kodiak!” Annie screamed.
“Aw, that’s so sweet” Nancy said watching Annie run toward Rachael. The other mascot, who had crossed the to the Grizzlies sideline before the game stuck out his foot.
“What a lowlife.” Nancy said. Rachael rushed forward, making the other mascot for what he did. Rachael scooped up Annie, proceeding toward the girl’s locker room.
“Momma Bear” Nancy whispered as Rachael rushed past.

“You seem to have a problem picking on the ladies, Mr. Panther” Taav said. He crouched near the other team’s mascot speaking in a low voice. The student inside panther suit groaned
“You got off too easy in my opinion you also struck a major nerve of mine when you tripped that little girl. “The young lady that’s plays “Miss Kodiak” is my wife, and I can tell you from experience that she gets extremely mad when someone’s child gets smacked around by someone that is not a relation.” Taav clenched his fist.
“The next time you smack a child around, and she sees it, you’ll be her newest punching bag.”

“Annie!” her mother cried.
“Mommy!” Annie yelled. Rachael lowered herself so Annie could climb of her back. Annie ran to her mother who squatted and embraced her.
“Bless you, Miss Kodiak, bless you. Annie’s mother said glancing at Rachael. Are you okay, Annie?”
“Miss Kodiak took care of me” Annie exclaimed turning and winking at Rachael. Annie then ran toward Rachael.
“I love you, Miss Kodiak!” Rachael crouched and hugged Annie.
Go with your mother now, little one.
“I want to stay with you; you said I could ride piggyback after the game.” Annie whispered.
Ask your mother.
“Mommy, may I stay with Miss Kodiak?”
“Will she be safe?” Annie’s mom asked. Rachael nodded.
She’ll be in safe paws, ma’am Rachael thought.
She says I’ll be safe mommy, pleeease” Annie’s mother blinked.
You’re a Cybernetic Hunter in real life are you not,” Miss Kodiak”?
Yes ma’am I’ am.
I ’am also a former Cybernetic Hunter myself, Sergeant Major Nikkie Elson is my name.
Your daughter is a sweetheart ma’am Rachael said. I trust she was not too much trouble? Annie’s mother asked Not all, ma’am
What’s your real name “Miss Kodiak?”
“I can only tell you my rank, Ma’am at least.
Which is?
“Is it ok mommy, can I go with her?”
She can spend no more than an hour with you after the game, do I make myself clear?
Aye, ma’am. Rachael again spun around. Kneeling.
Hop on. With Annie firmly on her shoulders, Rachael her way down the sideline passed the cheerleaders, yell boys, and Mars Academy football players back toward the girl’s locker room.
“Where are you going Rach?”
I need a drink, little one, how about you?
“Yes please.”
How you enjoying the ride, Annie?
“I’m having fun.” This scene probably looked weird to all the people watching, a six year-old blonde haired little girl riding on the shoulders of a female Marine force recon Captain, who was six foot two and dress up as a grizzly. As Rachael entered the tunnel, which had been carved out the Martian rock, a slight cooling breeze blow from the air-conditioning.
“Why don’t take off the mascot head now, Rachael?” Judging that she had gone far enough Rachael spoke in low tones.
“Too risky. If a little kid saw me in costume without the mascot head on, they would think I killed “Miss Kodiak” and put on her fur.”
“You did with me,” Annie protested.
“I know.”
Rachael slowed her pace of walking as they approached. The girl’s room was all most actually as the boys with its row after row of lunarroidium lockers. The only difference was in how clean they were.

Rachael placed the mascot head on cylindrical pole next to an anti-magnetic field bench. With Annie still on her shoulders Rachael walked to the sink, grabbing a small cup that rested on the left side of the sink. Rachael gulped down two cupfuls of cool water.
“Can I have a drink, Rach?” Rachael took the plastic cup, rinsed it out, and then handed it up to Annie.
Rachael grabbed the mascot head, which was two times as big as her own head and was about to put it back on, when she had an idea that popped into her head. Holding the mascot head under her right arm she touched part of the costume running her hand down the length of it as well as long the mascot head. Her nanobots absorbed a small portion of the costume she had touched. She then touched Annie.
“What are you doing Rach?”
“Making your costume “Baby Kodiak.”’ Rachael bent down placing her “front paws” on the carpeted floor. A smaller version of her costume materialized on the floor.
“You will have to get off my shoulders to put on your costume, little one.”
“This is for me?” Annie asked wide-eyed. She eagerly climbed off her perch on Rachael’s broad shoulders.
Rachael helped Annie into her costume, holding it so Annie could slip her little body into it. She helped her zip it up and put on her own mascot head. Annie then was lifted from under the armpits and placed back on Rachael’s shoulders.

Taav paced the sideline in his football uniform; a dark brown helmet with giant gold bear paw logos on both sides. The facemask was also gold in color; it was arranged in quarterback style, three bars. Two running lengthwise, one running widthwise. The helmet also had black tinted piece of plastic running from the top of the helmet to the facemask. The dark brown jersey was stretched over the assortment of pads that where worn underneath it. In the center of the jersey were the numbers 01 emblazoned in gold coloring.
The pants were gold with two brown stripes running down the center of each pant leg. Kama’sh and Andréaus walked beside their friend and squad leader.
“The other sideline isss posssibly brimming with live food.” Andréaus said a river of bacteria-rich drool flowed from his serrated teeth-filled mouth.
Kama’sh picked at food that had long since rotted, with a long claw on his index finger.
“The plump one over there, number forty-four looksss appetizing.” Kama’sh pointed to a heavy defensive lineman. He was short in reference to Taav. His uniform jet black with a gold strip running horizontally along the top of the uniform. His helmet and pants were also jet black, except for two strips of gold running down the center.
Rachael appeared on sideline carrying a small “bear” on her shoulders.
Who’s your rider, “Miss Kodiak”? Taav asked.
This is the cheer squad’s newest member: “Baby Kodiak.”
“Isss it food?” Kama’sh asked looking at Annie
“That’s all you think about Kama’sh?” Taav asked crossing his massive arms across his chest. “Food?” Kama’sh ripped a long smelly fart.
“Oopsss, my bad.” Taav covered his mouth and nose with his left arm.
“Your bad alright, Kama’sh” Taav gagged, covering his mouth and nose with his left hand. “What did you eat anyway?”
“Dark Ssstar terrorissst”
“That’s it, no more eating “food” for you, my friend.” Just then Taav slipped in puddle of drool. He fell on his butt with a soft, wet thud.
“Another thing, could your saliva be used for shoe polish or something?”

Chapter Two: Rescue

Rachael sat on an anti-magnetic field bench still wearing the mascot costume, but the mascot head was in her lap. Her left arm was around Annie.
“Smile” Jayme Hill said manipulating a small holographic camera. Rachael stood up then turned picking up Annie placing her once again on her shoulders. Jayme’s camera whined. Rachael then put Annie back on the ground; grabbing the mascot head she put it on.
“Grrr.” Rachael raised her hands. “Run Annie” Rachael exclaimed.
“Why, you’re my friend.”
“I’m a hungry Kodiak bear that loves to eat little girls.” Annie got the message taking off out of the locker room.
“Help me, please!” Annie screamed. “Someone help!” Rachael gave chase. The sound of booted feet came near.
“What’s wrong Annie?” Taav voice came from the hallway.
“Nothing, Mr. Sharroock. Rachael’s in the mascot costume, and she’s chasing me.”
“I can take a hint then, the last thing I want to do is get mauled by an angry grizzly.” Rachael stepped out into the hallway.
“Angry grizzly!” Taav yelled in mock terror and running away. Annie turned to run, but Rachael closed the distance in two strides. Scooping Annie into her arms.
“Aw, dinner” Rachael growled.
“Please don’t eat me; I’m too young to die!” Annie howled
. Rachael snarled. “I’m hungry and must eat.”
“Please Nooo!” Rachael grabbed Annie supporting her, as she lay lengthwise in her arms. Annie laughed as Rachael through her up into the air then caught her twice.
“Can I have another piggyback ride?” Rachael thought for second.
“Annie honey, I’m really hot and tried, I must get out of this costume soon or I could dehydrate.”
“Just one more, pleeease.”
Rachael sighed. “Ok, ok just one. You really like doing this, don’t you?”
“Its not every day I can ride a grizzly” Annie squealed. For the last time Annie rode on Rachael’s shoulders. Rachael walked around the domed stadium showing Annie all that could be seen from the Astroturf football field. Once they were back in the locker room and Annie finally off her shoulders. Rachael stripped down to the clothes she wore under the costume. She did this in front of Annie; as to show her how she had gotten into the costume in the first place.
Rachael squatted placing her hands on Annie’s shoulders. “Annie, sweetie, stay with Jane and the others, I have to go take a shower.” The next comment Annie spoke was evidence that they where forming a strong bond.
“I would like to stay with you.” Jane stepped forward; her purple hair didn’t fall to her shoulders, like it had before she had joined the corps. Instead it was cut two finger lengths above the shoulders.
“Annie you did say you wanted me to shape-shift into a horse?” Annie nodded. Jane got down on all fours as the transformation began take place. First nanobots disassembled her cheerleading outfit, then her arms and legs elongated, they got more defined and muscular. Her clawed feet and hands turned into hooves; at the knees her legs changed direction with sickening pop. Jet-black hair sprouted from her cream-colored skin. Lastly her back curved vertically and the features of the human torso of her body became like that of Rachael, her long prehensile tail became a horse’s tail.
“Puwp!” Jane sighed. She lowered herself to sitting position. Annie ran to Jane’s side, although she had trouble climbing on her back.
“Let me help you dear” Jayme Hill coming forward and placing Annie on Jane’s back.
“Gitty up, horsy.” Annie said.
“Well if you insist.” Jane said raising herself to stand.
“Hang on!” With that she was out the door and down corridor, running at a swift trot. Annie bounced up and down on Jane’s bare back. Jane and used this form in combat many times, helping to save the lives of countless marines. Jane rounded a corner stopping dead in her tracks. A man in his early forties stood in the way blocking the path.
“Out for an evening ride, Annie?” the man asked.
“What your relation to Annie? Jane asked skeptically
“I’m her father miss?” The man paused.
“Tyerac” Jane replied.
“Daddy!” Annie cried excitedly.
“Hello sweetie” the man smiled. He looked like he had stopped out a war zone. His brown hair was dusty and looked like it had not been washed in a long time.
“Those Dark Star thugs have been gearing up for a major offensive action for quiet some time now” the man said scratching his chin.
“There have been no such reports, sir” Jane said matter-of-factly.
“That’s because a certain Martian senator has been corrupted, and is working with them.”
“One of the Sharroocks?” The man looked hurt.
“No way Miss Tyerac, they have done nothing against the G.S.S. as far as I know. The other one though, what’s her name?”
“Hasava Nigh.”
“Yes her…beautiful as a sunrise, but with a heart black as a moonless night.”
“This intel was discovered by two squads of Cybernetic Hunters on their last mission.”
“They then should act quickly if Hasava Nigh is to be stopped.”
“Hasava Nigh has been dealing in illicit weapons and giving Dark Star information on G.S.S. troop movements.” Jane crossed her arms across her chest. How do I know this information actuate, more importantly how can I be certain that you are Annie’s biological father, and not an imposter, that has taken his place?”
“Annie’s birthday is August second; her mother’s name is Sergeant Major Nikkie Elson.
Annie began to slip herself off Jane’s back; Jane reached around pushing her back on with her left hand. She closed her eyes focusing on what she wanted her nanobots to create. Her armor.
“Really Miss Tyerac there is no need for any hostiles between us, all I want is Miss Elson’s little brat.” The entire last sentence spoken by the “man” was in an angry female voice. Annie was shocked. “Daddy?” The imposter laughed cruelly, “No, if I were him, I wouldn’t have kids.” With that the person that claimed to be Annie’s father took a cyanide pill from his pocket, placing it in “his” mouth. The pill was swallowed, quickly working its way through the bloodstream of the female shape-shifter. Within a minute the shape-shifter was dead.

Rachael had just out of the shower and dressed when Jane came galloping into the locker room.
“What’s got you so spooked Jane?” Rachael asked pulling on her jet-black leather jacket.
“A shape-shifter was impersonating Annie’s dad tried to lure her away from me in order to kidnap her.” Jane exclaimed her voice tense. Rachael walked to Jane’s right side holding out her arms. Annie reached out coiling her little arms around Rachael’s neck. Rachael then slowly and carefully put her hands under Annie’s armpits lifting her off Jane’s back.
“Don’t cry little one, don’t cry.” Rachael brought Annie close to her body. “Shhh, you will come to no harm now.”
“Why did daddy want to kidnap me?” Annie asked perplexed. Her tears running down Rachael’s jacket.
“That was a Qu’eris shape-shifter, the same species as Jane that tried to kidnap you, not your dad.” Annie looked up at Rachael.
“Does that mean Jane will try and kidnap me to? Rachael shook her straight brown hair.
“No, that Qu’eris was in league with Dark Star.”
“Who?” Rachael tried to explain the terrorist organization in terms Annie would understand.
“Bad people that kill innocent ones, due to the fact that they think they are better than everyone else.” Rachael glanced at her holowatch, over Annie’s shoulder. It read 1820 hrs. (MST), (Martian Standard Time) that meant that she had only six minutes to get Annie back to her mother. Rachael reluctantly broke her embrace with Annie. As she stood her nanobots disassembled her leather jacket, fatigues, and combat boots. With in moments she was once again wearing the mascot costume. Annie held up her arms, meaning she wanted to be carried. Rachael bent down picking her up ever so gently. Then for the second time that day Annie hung on to Rachael, by wrapping her arms around Rachael’s neck. Rachael carefully put her arms around Annie; they joined together in the middle of her back. Annie snuggled close to Rachael; resting her head on Rachael’s left shoulder.
“A reporter that was on the sidelines during the game saw me rushing to the girl’s locker room with Annie in my arms and I heard her whisper something.”
“What?” Jane inquired.
She called me “Momma Bear.”
“That’s not surprising, even though you’re wearing a grizzly costume, children love and adore you, it’s your personality and gentle nature that make them not scared of you.” Jayme Hill whispered as to not wake Annie. “Speaking of children,” Rachael said in a hushed voice. “I better return this little one to her mother.”

“I’ll go with you” Mike said standing up from the anti-magnetic field bench he had been sitting on. He was no longer in his yell boy uniform; instead he wore a white t-shirt, jungle fatigues, and combat boots. Rachael walked out of the locker room with Mike in tow. Annie squirmed a little in her arms.
Rachael looked down at Annie through the open mouth of the mascot head. “Sleep, little one, sleep.”
“My little sisters, Jackie, and Rose will be excited to see you “Miss Kodiak”.” Mike said, keeping his attention ahead of him. Annie stirred.
“Rachael?” Annie yawned. Annie’s head now lay against Rachael’s chest.
“Yes Annie?” Rachael asked her voice muffled by the mascot head.
“I’m cold.”
Hold her for just second, Mike. Mike took Annie from Rachael. Mike was as tall as Rachael and Taav, six foot two, two hundred pounds, and as strong as ox. Rachael wrapped her leather jacket around Annie, taking her back from Mike.
That should warm you up, Annie; now shut your eyes and go to sleep. Annie snuggled close to Rachael. Mike suddenly gave the signal to stop. His right arm was bent, like a backward L. His arm was held out sideways, away from his body. What’s wrong Mike? Rachael asked thinking.
Shhh, listen. The sound of voices could hear coming from the football field.
Hello, Rose and Jackie.
“Hello “Miss Mustang” Jackie giggled.
That’s a relief Mike thought. The two recon marines exited the tunnel that lead to the locker rooms. A black costumed horse stood near Rose and Jackie.
Why is that a relief? Rachael asked.
“Miss Mustang,” is actually my cousin Victoria Kiel, Major Victoria Kiel; too be more precise.
The girl dressed up as a horse turned and waved.
How adorable Victoria said seeing Annie. Annie woke up from her nap.
“Please don’t let it hurt me, Rachael” Annie whimpered seeing Victoria.
She’s a nice horsy Annie; she won’t hurt you.
Why is this little girl with you, Rach? Victoria asked using nanothought link.
I was returning her to her mother, Sergeant Major Nikkie Elson.
I saw a women leaving with two men, they seemed to be leading her out the stadium. Victoria thought.
These men, what did they look like?
Come to think of it, they weren’t men at all. Dan’n’norens like Kama’sh and Assaloth, Duran, and Andréaus.
Did Sergeant Major Elson go willingly?
No, however it was not likely she could resist. They each had her by an arm.
You did nothing to help her?
I could do nothing, if they I was a threat they would have bitten her neck. Annie? Annie looked at up Rachael.
I have to go find your mother, little one.
“Please don’t leave me” Annie sniffled.
Hush, this is something my squad and I must do.

“Leave as been postponed until further notice” Rachael exclaimed walking the
Girl’s locker room.
“Where’s Annie?” Jayme Hill asked; she stared at Rachael with her brown eyes.
“She with “Miss Mustang” at the moment. Her mother has been kidnapped by Dark Star agents.”
“What are you going to do, Rach, about Annie I mean?” Jane asked; she had shape-shifted back into her normal form.
“I shall take her to my home, where she will be protected until her mother is found.”

“Annie.” Rachael called. Annie stopped she was doing, which was playing tag with Jackie, Rose, and “Miss Mustang.”
“Time to go little one.” Rachael said walking up to Annie.
“I want to stay here, Rach, pleeease.” Annie begged.
“I sorry, but we must leave.”
“We can return another time, Annie.” Rachael closed her eyes focusing hard. The sound of a high performance vehicle could clearly be heard.
Rachael touched her leather jacket, then her chaps, knee high boots. Her nanobots came out of the pores on her face and out of the skin on her scalp. Her visored helmet was then made.
Annie, come here, please. Annie did as she was told. Rachael touched Annie on left shoulder. A leather jacket of Annie’s size appeared in Rachael’s left hand. Rachael unfurled the jacket.
“Don’t turn around, this piece of clothing I’m about to put on you will help protect you during our journey. You may keep it as you so desire, little one.”
“Why do those bad people you spoke of, want to kill me Rachael?” Annie asked her voice coming out almost in a whisper.
“I’ll tell you later.” Rachael promised.

Rachael lifted Annie onto her CX-90, a futuristic street bike. Rachael climbed the back, behind Annie. Rachael reached forward putting her hands on the handlebars.
“What do I hold to, Rachael?” Her helmet muffled Annie’s voice.
Put your hands on mine, grip tight. Rachael’s holowatch beeped. She raised her left arm up, looking at her holowatch.
Message, Urgent Respond immediately
Sender: Taav to Rachael
Code needed for message to play.
“Beta, Alpha, Sharroock. Captain, Carlson, Captain.” The image of Taav appeared.
“Rachael, double-time it to “The Leatherneck,” bring Annie.”

Lucas Ammons

Nov 23 2006 02:21am

 - Ex-Student

Just fine thanks, would you mind if posted a story on profile?:alliance:
Lucas Ammons

Nov 22 2006 07:18pm

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Nov 22 2006 12:46am

 - Ex-Student

What's up?:alliance:
Lucas Ammons

Nov 16 2006 09:55pm

 - Padawan

DC RaWKS!! Cool pic, (advertisment).:P haha when it's for something as cool as DC then I don't mind Commercials.:)hahaha.

Bet you've seen the DC Vids, they sure Pwhn.
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Nov 16 2006 07:50pm

 - Jedi Council

Thanks, i'll do my best =P
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Nov 15 2006 05:59am

 - Student

lol you had a rematch? wth? and now you won xD
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Nov 15 2006 01:50am

 - Student

My signature is only one line. You're welcome.

Nov 15 2006 12:00am

Roan Belouve
 - Retired
 Roan Belouve


If possible can you post on the TiT-5 Thread when you and Masta will be duelling, a days notice would be nice. This would allow ppl the chance to watch.


Also if you make it to the final please try and wait until Thanksgiving to duel if this isn't possible I understand.

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Nov 14 2006 08:31pm

 - Jedi Knight

Well Good Matches and heh well I just understood it I don't have any changes with my lightside force powers.

It was very honor loose against you, clearly better won this match and I wish you best of luck for your rest of TIT tournament, you will win this whole tournament if you have just ice cold head as you dueled against me:)...

You are allready in the top of four, so congrats about it...

Masta is most finest opponent, You are lucky


*drinks tea*
ta taa :D:)
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Nov 13 2006 03:19pm

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And I screwed up my FF duels:)

and I noticed, I need win all my NF matches because I don't have a change with my lightside powers against your darkside powers:)
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Nov 13 2006 02:02pm

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you should have exploited u nub :D
your full power > maher :)
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Nov 12 2006 10:58pm

 - Student

hotdamn! do you have demo of that match against maher?
tbh i thought you'd win! :)
playing jk3 since 30th of january (2005), member since 1st of february. [Unofficial Master to Vision and Z�diac ] If you can make a fool of yourself infront of 300 people you can do anything - Jaiko D'kana

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