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Alphabet Robert "Alphabet"

Location:  Australia
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Last Comment:  Class: Yellow Stance Mastry (Intermediate)
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Jan 11 2005 04:52pm

 - Jedi Master

Hello there. :)

Oct 24 2004 12:52am

 - Jedi Master

Yep, that's one of many reasons I'm still here. :D

1) You are free to go to any classes you wish. Best to check if you need to go to another class first by checking the details page on the class as it may be an advance class. :)

2) You are not expected to do anything except follow the rules.

3) You can visit the servers here. Servers starting in '[JA]' are Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast servers. All others are Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy servers excluding the Team Speak server. :D

The only required file to visit our JK:JA servers is the_academy. As for the JK2:JO servers, they require jedi_academy_v4. Of course, there are many more files which you can download, but they are optional. :)

4) Sure, you can post it on my profile and I'll try and help you with whatever the problem may be. This could also have been posted in Academy Discussion at the Forums. But I guess it gets a lot of posts like this already... :D

Many of your questions can be answered at the Holocron.

Good day.

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Oct 22 2004 09:38pm

 - Jedi Master

Welcome to the JA. If you need to know anything, feel free to drop me a line. ;)

Have fun!

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