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Editing Forum- Got a question about editing JK2/3? Got a Suggestion? Need help with editing? Talk about the editing of all aspects of JK2 and JK3 here. 237 1949 Sep 09 06:30pm
by Zachry D'Kana
Showcase Forum- Use this forum to show off your stuff! Art, Mods, Screenshots, Comics, Stories, anything! 146 1589 Dec 11 01:29pm
by Laziana
Star Wars: The Old Republic- Talk about anything to do with SW:TOR and our involvement as a community and an Academy within it. 69 824 Sep 08 01:53pm
by [Jawa][Obi-Wan][SW]
Academy Discussion- Have a question about the Academy? Talk about all things Academy related here. 4185 84988 Oct 10 07:37pm
by Rahn del Sol
Star Wars Discussion- We assume you're here because you like Star Wars as well. Talk it up here. 841 20400 Jun 23 12:25am
by planK
General Discussion- No limits! Chat on whatever you feel like here. 4516 84501 Jul 23 10:21pm
by Laziana
Crazy Stuff- This is where you should post things that are totally nuts, repost funny comments from other forums, and generally try to make people (especially doobie) laugh 3658 132376 Oct 10 07:39pm
by Rahn del Sol
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Discussion- Talk about Raven's new endeavours into the Jedi Knight series. 997 12212 Aug 02 07:08pm
by Rango Tan
Jedi Knight 2 Discussion- Talk about anything you like pertaining to the game: strategy, modding, single player. You name it! 479 5022 Nov 24 02:26pm
by Rahn del Sol
The Holocron Project- Use this forum as a compilation for the Holocron Project 119 3064 Jul 28 11:56pm
by Sajid