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Çóúnt Jangó Daniel "Çóúnt Jangó" Jacobs

This user is no longer with the Academy

Location:  New Zealand
Occupation:  PC Programmer
Interests:  Online Gaming
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Last Comment:  Class: Basic Medium Stance Strategy (Standard Lightsaber Only)
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Oct 14 2004 06:54am

 - Student

Count Jango: Just wanted to let ya know I have pushed my class's time back to 8PM GMT instead of 6PM GMT. Hope this doesn't exclude you. Later!

Oct 13 2004 08:57am

 - Student

Hi there Jango. :)

I am Fur D'orin, and I'd like to welcome you to the Academy.

If there is anything you'd like to ask me, or if you need some tips regarding the Academy or the game, do not hesitate to reply on my profile. You can do this by clicking on my name on the left.

I hope you enjoy your stay at the Academy. :)
You are not your f***ing system specs. You are not your uptime stats, your script file, or your oversized desktop screencap. You are not your broadband connection. You are not your f***ing post count.

Sep 27 2004 11:08am

 - Jedi Master

Welcome to the JA. If you need to know anything, feel free to drop me a line. ;)

Have fun!

Sep 27 2004 09:32am

 - Student

Welcome to the JA! Nice meeting you. If you ever get that "Invalid PK3 Referense" problem again, just restart your jk3. ;)

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