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FAQs and Server deaths -doobie - Sep 09 12:44am

Continuing our theme of actually getting stuff running right around here... We're looking for a few good questions. That's right, we're gonna compile a Frequently Asked Questions (commonly referred to as a FAQ... say that, it's dirty :)) list for people who aren't totally in the know. Go ahead and send those questions to our hotmail account, and feel free to ask the "dumb questions" (like how to connect to the servers)... There are no dumb questions, only dumb council members who provide the answers.

On a different note, we've decided to discontinue the use of the Creations Networks server as an official JA server with Jedimod. Emperor Lightning is in the process of totally redoing his hardware, and once that's all done we'll repost the server as a pure server. For now we want to focus on our pure servers, DJ Sith's and the European server. Once again, I'd like to thank Emperor Lightning for letting us abuse his rig for a few months, and hopefully we'll be able to use it again soon. Thanks man!

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Mar 24 2003 04:51pm

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 Fizz of Belouve

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