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Student Applications Open... -doobie - Jun 14 09:22pm

Yes, hell has frozen over. Student applications are FINALLY open. Just click the "Sign Up" link to the left and choose "student" (don't waste your time with "staff", it won't submit) or click here.

Please note that it's gonna take some time for me to deal with all the applications, since I have to do it all by hand. And also note that classes won't actually begin until the map is 100% done (which hopefully will be this weekend) and we can post it for the public.

Once I receive your application, I'll send details on how everything will work, and once we get closer to classes starting (aka the map being done) I'll put detailed instructions on the site on how everything works.

Between this and the World Cup knockout round, I'm pretty much screwed on sleep for the next few days and weeks :)

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