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7.4: Special Characters Guide -Janiriki - Oct 25 09:21pm
Several people have asked how to create various characters in your name, such as ™. This guide will teach you just how to figure out what to do.

1} First up to see a list of characters that may be used, you will need to open the Character map, found in MOST installs of Windows, and the shortcut is usually located in [start] programs - accessories - system tools

2} Change the font to System and then you will see all the available characters that may be used.
Cool, go ahead and pick one.

3} You will note that there is a 'character code' for each letter or symbol, for example 0xA5 = ¥
if the character code is just 3 didgits, skip to part 5 as no conversion is necessary, (eg character code = 169 = ® (yes I know many of you are saying, "but the code is 0xAE!!!" - this depends on your version of the character map))

4} Now the conversion bit.
start up the windows calculator, click [ View ] and select scientific.
check the 'Hex' radio button, and then enter whatever comes after the x in your desired character code, next check the 'Dec' radio button, your A5 changes to 165 (this is the Decimal value of the Hexadecimal A5 ).

5} Now to put it all together.
open notepad or whatever and hold the [alt] key down, while typing 0165 - note you MUST use the numeric keypad for the 0165, it doesn't matter which [alt] key you use though, you then get ¥.
Pick yourself a character.
Enter the 2 didgits after the X in it's character code as a Hex value in the calculator, then switch it to Dec.
Put the 0 in front of it, and this is the code to type while holding down the alt key.
0xA7 : A7 = 167, therefore [alt] 0167 = §
0xA9 : A9 = 169, therefore [alt] 0169 = ©

169 : no conversion necessary [alt] 169 = ®


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Sep 12 2006 09:58am

 - Student

omg, well this reply is a TAD late, but.
to use in game. use the code (eg.) [alt]0169 wherever you want that chracter to be. so if i wanted to type Jani© ... i actually type Jani[alt]0169
hope this clarifies it a bit.
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Dec 05 2005 12:07am

Jade Jedi
 - Retired
 Jade Jedi

How do you use them in game, I tryed copy and past but didn't work.:confused:
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Mar 20 2005 01:36am

 - Student

or u know....u could just use office word? lol
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Oct 27 2004 08:00pm

 - Retired

Sweet, its up! Good job pazzy! :cool:
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