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Decisions made at last Holocron meeting on IRC.
Sep 07 2003 04:51pm

Ruuk Haviser
 - Retired
Ruuk Haviser
1. JK2 --> JK3 transition

2. Section leaders

3. Layout (and integration into JA site)

4. Demos

5. Feedback from students

6. Holocron promotion

7. FAQ

8. Big Brother/Big Sister

9. JAT class text

10. Etc.

Back from the dead...

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Oct 17 2003 10:07am

Lackeh- Retired
 - Student
 Lackeh- Retired

you guys rock
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Sep 23 2003 06:32am

 - Student

i love you!!!!

he he : confession of love :P

ya i think we need to wait untill weve al played the game before we will ever go anywhere.
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Sep 19 2003 05:56am

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Erm, dudes, dont talk about warez...

*checks calender*

erm....carry on.
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Sep 18 2003 12:45am

Ruuk Haviser
 - Retired
 Ruuk Haviser

Perfect. Good job.

Back from the dead...

Sep 17 2003 01:26am

 - Student

Okay, for those who didn't attend the meeting, and might not want to read through the entire log, this is a short explanation of what we decided.

(If any of this is wrong, tell me! I only caught the last 3/4 of the meeting so I'm going by the log here. Parts of the description in this thread was semi-confusing for me.)

^^^^^^^^^1. JK2 --> JK3 transition

We went with #4. We're going to have the same sections as before, but with JK2/JK3 subsections.
ie. The Lightsaber
1. JK2 Saber
2. JK3 Saber

^^^^^^^^^^2. Section Leaders

Section leaders are gone. We will just choose who writes what and will have certain people to update later on.

^^^^^^^^^^3. Layout

Okay, I don't know what went on at the meeting but DJ made a post here and as far as I know it's already decided upon. A snazzy logo or introductory movie are still possible if we can make one.

^^^^^^^^^^4. Demos

Because JK3 already has the saber and acrobatic moves demo'd, we probably won't be doing that. We may have demos of "hidden moves" like strafe jumping or countering, but that will have to be discussed more.

^^^^^^^^^^5. Feedback from students

We haven't received much feedback. Firstly, this is due to the Holocron being so darn hard to find. You have to really search to find it and it's not NEARLY as accessible as it could be. Some of that will be resolved once it's integrated into the site.

Also, I've posted on 3-4 fan sites explaining what the Holocron is and what we want to acomplish. The few people who commented said it was pretty good, but I doubt they even bothered to read through it.

^^^^^^^^^^6. Promotion

Make a banner which could be used here and at other sites, as well as a link to the Holocron when you enter our IRC channel.

^^^^^^^^^^7. FAQ

I don't really know what's going on here. Anyone care to inform me? :P

^^^^^^^^^^8. Big Brother/Big Sister

It was determined that this topic has nothing to do with the Holocron. Moving on...

^^^^^^^^^^9. Class Descriptions

Instructors will write about classes that they hold often. What it teaches, who it's for, etc. What they want people to know who maybe can't make the class, or can only dedicate limited time and they want to know what it's about before attending.

Also, Exar suggested putting relevant class links at the bottom of each Holocron section. A link to Nofrickinstyle at the bottom of the Saber section for example.

Another option is having the Instructor do this and give it to people after attending the class. Sort of like the teacher taking notes for you.

^^^^^^^^^^10. Random Crap

Don't think we got too far with this topic but...

Luke says "Holocron" and "Welcome to the Jedi Academy" in JK3 cutscenes. It would be sweet if we could have the page open with Luke saying "Welcome to the Jedi Academy Holocron".

For editing the Holocron, certain project members will have limited acess. I expect the MP saber system to get tweaked like Outcasts did.

Questions? Comments? Confessions of love? Reply guys!

Jedi Academy Holocron

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