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Booze and Communism... or whatever
Dec 23 2015 03:00am

 - Jedi Knight
You need to be respectful towards this community. It is only rule.

Also peace, knowledge, serenity, force

We have argued a LOT! about different philosophical/society/science theories to the point, It is impossible tell you, where to start.

Weirdly eventhought I was pretty annoying troll at first and I did speak only few words of english, they still started to like me :D and they were really patient with me. And they taught me a lot of humanism, evil/good and yes, also practical computer skills.

But tell me in facebook, with what name did you reg in. and I will summon admins to accept you.

(Nobody really cares of this much meta, so... you are safe :P)
Still here | My Lightsaber

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