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Jedi Academy for widescreen
Jan 19 2007 12:27am

Jade Jedi
 - Retired
Jade Jedi
If your like me ,and keep getting a message from your monitor to change resolution to 1680x1050 ever time you start up the game, then here's what to do:

1. go to C:...Jedi Academy\GameData\Base
2.copy your jampconfig to desctop and open with any text editor.

3.find the string 'seta r_customwidth' and set it to the width of your monitor. For instance, '1680' find the string 'seta r_customheight' and set it to the height of your monitor. For instance, '1050'

5.then you need to find 'seta r_mode' and set it to to '-1'.

6.last of all are going to need to change the FOV now, find the string 'seta cg_fov' and change the value to '115'.

And there you should have it. Remember to COPY YOUR ORIGINAL jampconfig just in case.
For SP you would have to edit the
jaconfig file, I have not done this, so I dont know if it works in SP. :D
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Jan 21 2007 01:28pm

Sho Koon
 - Student
 Sho Koon

Nice tutorial, thanks. :)
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