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Apr 22 2005 05:37am

 - Student
lets wake this damn thing up! *me talks to mune about new stuff*

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May 03 2005 02:36pm

 - Student

well i hope it's a good one mune.:)

Apr 25 2005 03:36am

 - Student

*Whistle Whistle Whistle*

Okay, here's my story. My life is taking over. At first it was just a couple classes at the good ole school, but I'm on top of those now and working on the rest of my life. It's great.

Of course, it's not necessarily a bad thing, but yeah. On top of that, when Exar left, I had no direction for this thing. Ruuk was gone. I had nothing except what ideas we had started, so I ran with them and made sure everything got done. I did that, and did that very well, if I may so so myself. Which I do.:D However, that's it. Obviously, I've let this thing wither away and felt bad about it, but then, I don't believe I was ever the right person for the job. Not saying I didn't enjoy working on it, as I did, but I'm just not much of a leader.

I couldn't really find the time to get on IRC to find doobie, or I'd get on and he would be AFK or what not. Anyway, caught him about a month ago. Just wanted to let him know that I know I wasn't doing my job. So really, the whole clean up thing was sort of relieving for me.

I guess we'll see what the future holds for this baby:).
Captain Barkeep.

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