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The Holocron and Updating it -Cuthalion - Jan 04 02:15pm
Well it’s been a while and I thought I’d make some form of effort, and given that in my current situation, and having a lot of time on my hands, I thought I’d do something to alleviate at least some of the boredom. So on one of my frequent visits to the site, I remember that well unfortunately our last Holocron Maintainer was uh.... removed. The Academy’s history is looking rather sparse, ending in 2003.

Well now being 2010, it is missing roughly 7 years of history.
We do have a small time line contributed by Setementor here.

However, as you can see this still ends in 2003. What I’m asking, albeit slightly time consuming is for all members, old and new to send me any information you can remember or have about the Academy, I shall endeavour to put the events in chronological order, and speak to the JAC about getting it on the Holocron.

Send any information you have to

It will all be appreciated. Thank you once again.


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Jan 07 2010 12:57pm

 - Jedi Knight

You can always discover the old news, old articles, old comments of retired members/current members, old classes(Use ID number), old servers(ID)... etc

basically everything is there allready...

Making it clear timeline, It is good idea...
but there's a lot of stuff, I would say! :D
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Jan 04 2010 08:24pm

 - Jedi Council

Yikes. 7 Years is quite a while - a bit longer than my stay here at the JA. I'm not sure, but i think many events can be traced very easily via the forum, the articles (which sometimes relate to recent events) and (most importantly) the news.

However, there was a purge sometime in uh... 2005 or so? And i think a great deal of information might've been lost that way. Anyways, could check out the archives entry on the Aurochs if you'd like, but we haven't updated that one in a very long time neither - something akin to your project has been going on for a while on the Aurochs forums, but uhm... progress is slow... yeah.

A good idea nonetheless.
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