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Help us improve the Jedi Academy -doobie - Sep 05 11:36pm

Alright, now that I'm getting back into the groove of being your gracious leader, I've decided to get off my duff and do something. I set up this email address so you can directly help us improve this already wonderful (in my opinion) place. Be sure to include your gamename and/or username in all emails, and understand that this isn't for flaming, it's for constructive criticism and help (and if you flame us and waste our lovely 2MB space, you'll get a warning). Also, since we only have 2MB, please don't attach any files to the email.
Also, please dont email the following. We already know of them & they're on our to do list (well, DJ's list :) :

Fix the classes system
Some people cant edit their comments
Be able to upload your own profile picture


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Sep 11 2002 06:09pm

 - Retired

I hope you read my suggestions and think them through. I already love the Academy, but think of how much better it could still become! Anywho enough of my ranting. See you on the servers!

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